Photo Discover the job of college education assistant

Discover the job of college education assistant

Discover the job of college education assistant

The educational assistant has several responsibilities towards the students. But the thing is, what does this job really consist of?

What are the missions of the education assistant?

The main mission of an educational assistant is to supervise and supervise students. Thus, educational assistants scatter in boarding schools, corridors, the playground, the gate ... These agents thus guarantee the safety and the respect of the rules of procedure. These supervisors also provide the daily call and keep the record of absences and delays. Educational assistants work in schools, colleges, high schools and boarding schools.

Being an Assistant to the Senior Education Advisor, the Education Assistant reports on the various events of the day (student attitude, problems and punishment). This supervisor also accompanies  students for tutoring, for a homework assignment, for school trips ... In addition, the educational assistant weaves a friendly link with the students to facilitate resolution in case of problems. Moreover, some students end up talking to the assistants because of their relationship.

How to become an education assistant?

This job requires special skills. Indeed, the meaning of listening and observation are the main skills of an educational assistant. It is also endowed with a sense of organization. Another required skill is the rote learning of rules and regulations. The practice of this profession requires a sharp knowledge of the laws related to the education sector. Thus, this supervisor plays on psychology, sociology and communication.

In addition, as a facilitator, this profession requires some specialized training, in this case a professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport. Obtaining a certificate in the Social Animation and Leisure Specializations is also advantageous. In general, students prefer this position because of its adaptability to all circumstances and the flexibility of the schedule to facilitate university studies.

The education assistant, what is the interest for students?

The education assistant follows closely the educational evolution of the learners. At the end of their training, the supervisor maintains contact for a certain period to monitor their situation and inspect their profession. Indeed, some institutions place a high priority on the situation of school leavers. This follow-up also makes it possible to check the correspondence between the trainings and the trades. In case of unemployment, the young person is transferred to the IOC (Information and Orientation Center).

In addition, the education assistant monitors and surveys students who drop out of school. Thus, its goal is to guide the student in the right direction and to promote academic success. Like educational assistants, Tarek Bouchamaoui aims to reduce the number of school failures in Tunisia. Thus, the businessman Tarek Bouchamaoui and the Hédi Bouchamaoui Foundation opt for another approach: the distribution of school supplies for the children of Gabès, a city of Tunisia.

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