Photo All about the professions of national education

All about the professions of national education

All about the professions of national education

The evolution within National Education remains possible for all teachers. So what are the professions of the National Education?

The teaching staff

The teaching body gathers together all the teachers of an establishment. Their main mission is to train and educate students throughout their studies. Then, the school principal is part of the faculty body. This job aims to drive student pedagogy, organize and ensure the smooth running of the school and establish good relations with parents and partners.

Then, the psychologist of National Education brings together the profession of school psychologist, guidance counselor-psychologist and the director of information and guidance center. Teachers have the possibility to evolve towards this function thanks to the creation of the new single body of psychologist of the National Education. Moreover, this profession is divided into two specialties: psychologists in education, development and learning as well as psychologists in education, development and counseling in educational and vocational guidance.

The management missions

Throughout their career, teachers can evolve into coaching functions. The management staff are responsible for supervising the education system and educational actions. These employees also establish the educational and educational policy of the school. Therefore, these employees occupy positions of management establishment or training. Moreover, the supervisory posts are filled by competition, by a list of aptitude to become head of school or assistant in college.

In addition, the directors of adapted and specialized education establishments are among the supervisory functions. These leaders intervene in the sections of general and adapted professional education or in the establishments dependent on a ministry. At the end of a training, these directors are recruited on examination. Finally, senior managers are occupied by national education inspectors and inspectors of regional pedagogical inspectors. These positions are awarded by competition, by list of aptitude.

Administrative functions

Administrative functions refer to social and health careers. This option offers a wide choice of profession, namely the Administrative Assistant, the Administrative Assistant, the Social Work Assistant, the Social Service Technical Advisor as well as the doctors and nurses. Generally, recruitment is by competition or by posting. To these career changes is added a work in ITRF (personal engineers and technical staff of research and training).

In addition, the Ministry of National Education plays a fundamental role in the educational success rate of a country. This branch of government thus undertakes the necessary means to ensure a high success rate. This is also what Tarek Bouchamaoui is hoping for by developing a partnership with the Regional Directorate of Education of Tunisia. Tarek Bouchamaoui aims to increase the pass rate by organizing a seminar focused on the theme: "How to improve the results of the Baccalaureate in the region of Gab├Ęs (Tunisia)? "

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